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High Sierra how download v.4.0b8 timemachinescheduler

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Stefan Klieme; 6656 KB; System; Utilities; TimeMachineScheduler

4.0b8 TimeMachineScheduler

TimeMachineScheduler disables the automatic backup function of Time Machine and installs its own launchd agent. As the agent is located in the main library, the administrator password is required for all (writing) operations. Except disabling Time Machine no further system files and preferences will be touched by TimeMachineScheduler.
There are (still) some access privileges problems in OS X 10.5, if the operation system has been updated, migrated or installed with the archive & install option. TimeMachineScheduler takes care of all files and sets owner, group and the privileges to the proper default value.
You can install and uninstall the agent as well as only load and unload it to disable making backups temporarily. The interval can be set between 1 and 12 hours, and the agent can be set to run additionally at load, which means also at startup and login. You can press a button to run a backup immediately. The status of the scheduler will be displayed.
Known problems:
- As TimeMachineScheduler works independent from the Time Machine Preferences, some information might be displayed wrong in the Preference Pane of Time Machine.
- It could happen, that the backup volume cannot be unmounted (using the automount feature). This occurs also, if the application of TimeMachineScheduler is running. However the daemon is not affected.

on MacOS

MacOS cFe8-TimeMachineScheduler-ver.-5.0b8.tar.gz

Featured 10.12.5 YrRX_v_4.2b8_TimeMachineScheduler.pkg


Mac Pro

Featured Mac mini vbLO-ver-6.0b8-TimeMachineScheduler.pkg

Version on 10.11.4 timemachinescheduler.kb83jz.tar.gz

Stefan Klieme

Updated to Mojave Kvlt.Audio.Recorder.vers.4.1.k30D.pkg {2838 kbytes} 2.4

10.13 DUO.VERSION.1.4.KJW.DMG {2019 kbytes} 3.3

Version to MacBook Air Clips-for-iMovie-1.4-AqDP.pkg {46694 kbytes} 1.5

Best High Sierra {2064 kbytes} 5.13

Recomended MacBook CLEANFOLDERS-VERS-3.3-A6HV.APP {2901 kbytes} 2.3

Get mR4BEB 4.2b8 TimeMachineScheduler 4.4b8 New High Sierra


App TimeMachineScheduler v.4.1b8 NmONe8 4.3b8 Best! version

Download ver 5.0b8 TimeMachineScheduler qCd8 4.1b8 Featured for OS X

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