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AweCleaner is an all-in-one Mac cleaner which not only can help Mac users to easily and quickly clean up all junk files, but it also can uninstall applications, find/remove large files, find/remove duplicate files, free up memory, manage hard disks, etc. This comprehensive cleaning software also can help in cleaning up internet traces by permanently shredding data. It is very easy-to-use; the interface is clean and simple.

- Mac Cleaner - AweCleaner can deeply scan your Mac system and find all junk files, such as app junk, system junk, iTunes junk, trash bin junk, etc. You can remove all junk files from your Mac by only 1-click.
- Mac Uninstaller - AweCleaner can help Mac users uninstall unwanted apps, plug-ins, one by one or in batches. It also will remove all leftovers of uninstalled applications to get more free disk space.
- Duplicate Finder - The smart duplicate finder will help Mac users easily find and remove duplicate files on Mac.
- Large-File Finder - AweCleaner also can find large files on Mac. Users can easily and securely delete useless large files on Mac.
- File Shredder - AweCleaner can help Mac users permanently shred files and folders on Mac, beyond the scope of data recovery.
- Other powerful tools - managing disk, managing startup items, cleaning up internet privacy, etc.

10.12.4 AweCleaner.1.0.uBC.dmg | 2378 kbytes |

Recomended to MacBook Pro SHOI9-VERS.2.5-AWECLEANER.ZIP | 2048 kbytes |


Recomended MacBook Air {10035 kbytes} 3.1

on 10.14.1 {45989 kbytes} 1.3.5

Best 10.11.4 {8408 kbytes} 1.11.7

Best for 10.12.5 {2558 kbytes} 1.3

Updated for 10.14 {3244 kbytes} 1.3

{2566 kb} Software v.3.7 AweCleaner EjYOvB 2.6 Featured! version

{2001 kb} Download A1MCA AWECLEANER 2.4 2.6 Best to Mac mini

{1907 kb} Get XJuFA ver. 4.6 AweCleaner 2.6 Mac mini

{2284 kb} Get Hgl AweCleaner vers.3.9 3.2 Updated for El Captan

{2190 kb} App AWECLEANER V 3.5 PYJ0LX 4.6 on MacBook Air

{2566 kb} Update B7uF70 AweCleaner ver 2.6 3.10 Featured on iMac
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