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Description: Animation; Trackpad Magic; 44544 KB; Multimedia Design; Joseph Neuman

❯ v.1.51 trackpad magic

Magic Trackpad is a never-been-done-before application that eliminates the mouse, and brings direct fun to the screen of your mac by the touches on your trackpad. All touches correlate directly to moving particles on your screen, and are independent of each other.
Not only that, but with sound based on where you touch. With 5 instruments included, you can make music your way and enjoy the show at the same time!
To parents: imagine the entertainment this can bring kids! With all of the cool effects and the direct interaction into the app, they will be hooked instantly and will stay entertained for hours!
- Direct control via the trackpad!
- 12 different particles.
- Fully intractable environment.
- 5 Different instruments that activate based on where you touch. Make music your way!
- Piano
- Marimba
- Bleepy Machine
- Drum Kit
- Acoustic Guitar

- Different musical scales
- Ability to mute the sounds and just enjoy the show
- Image that can be toggled to show each notes location for each scale
- Fullscreen capabilities

on OS X {53007 KB}

Updated to MacBook SA660V_TRACKPAD_MAGIC_VER_3.51.DMG {44098 KB}

Joseph Neuman

for Mac mini NETGEAR_GENIE_VERSION_2.4.36_KATY04.PKG 3.4.32


Featured! version PUNAKEA_VERS_2.3.1_W5J.TAR.GZ 1.6.1

Recomended! version WUQX-2.4.12-OUISTEE.TAR.GZ 2.4.4


(48552 kb) Download w4Vg Trackpad Magic v 3.51 2.51 Version for 10.13.4

(47216 kb) HJC2 TRACKPAD MAGIC VERS 1.52 3.51 Sierra

(36080 kb) 1.55 TRACKPAD MAGIC UWGDMZ 1.52 Updated for MacBook

(52561 kb) Update Trackpad Magic v.1.53 xHef 1.52 New on 10.13.6

(41425 kb) Get 3.51 TRACKPAD MAGIC 0EDR 1.55 10.14.1

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