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Kimai is free and open source. Kimai is software that tracks work time, and classifies it. It tracks time and prints out a summary of your activities on demand. Yearly, monthly, daily, by customer, by project, by action.
Its simplicity is its strength. Due to Kimai's Web browser based interface it runs cross-platform. Also it runs cross-network. Likewise you can install it as a Web service or as a single-user program on your local workstation.
While there are many programs one can use for time and project tracking, they tend to be overkill for my rather simple needs. Kimai came about because I was tired to feed lame boring excel tables.
Kimai does not have to run to do the recording. Even with a recording running you can quit your Browser. Your time is still recording until you stop it from any Web browser that has access to your installment. It is designed to hold lots of users but you can use it for a single user if you need to.

MacOS | 9532 kbytes |

on MacOS efhqmo_kimai_version_0.9.2.1606.pkg | 10847 kbytes |

Best! version | 9423 kbytes |

Featured El Captan vers_1.9.2.1306_Kimai_WY02D.pkg | 12600 kbytes |

New! version | 11504 kbytes |

Software key Kimai

Updated to 10.11 V.1.3-HECTA-1ZK2T.DMG [23296 kb] 2.0

New! version ColorizeGFX-2.0-rvnN.dmg [4945 kb] 1.4

[8984 KB] Get aIG Kimai v. Recomended to MacOS

[12271 KB] TJD7Y VERSION KIMAI Best! version

[9532 KB] App version Kimai qgvqBi on MacBook Pro

[9203 KB] Update DLSop Kimai Best! version

[12490 KB] Update Kimai mzyzyR on 10.12.5

[9751 KB] App Kimai MPGQ New High Sierra

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