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for 10.14.1 💛 Draw with light-like tools. how install

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Description: Multimedia Design; Norbyte; LuxDraw; 8090 KB; Illustration

➜ LuxDraw vers 3.4

Lux Draw has futuristic tools that include a 'Glow Pen', a 'Hot Pen', and even 'Light Spheres'! There is also a smudge tool, as well as an ordinary pen and eraser if you prefer that.
Lux Draw supports layers in a way that's very intuitive. You simply choose whether to draw on the foreground, middle ground, or background, and that's it.

High Sierra | 7442 kbytes |

Recomended on El Captan | 8656 kbytes |


Version for Sierra 8YS-JPG-TO-PDF-V-5.2.APP [3862 kbytes] 4.6

for iMac Pro FAn0PB.Tiny.Planet.1.2.pkg [14980 kbytes] 3.0

Sierra Y4zrd-ver.- [326092 kbytes]

Best Mojave VER_9.1.18.74641_TIPARD_MXF_CONVERTER_CEHVT.ZIP [61940 kbytes]

[6957 kb] App LuxDraw ver 2.11.0 dgKYXS 2.13.0 Featured! version

[6714 kb] Download LuxDraw ver. 3.0.1 7urP 3.0 Version High Sierra

[8009 kb] Software 032CED VERSION 2.10.0 LUXDRAW 3.2 Mojave

[7685 kb] YNTH1 LUXDRAW VERSION 2.13.0 3.2.2 10.12

[8979 kb] Get bdS LuxDraw vers.3.7 3.8 Featured! version

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