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how install Xounds.3.0.1.dmg MacOS

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6246 KB - System - Utilities - Xounds - Unsanity LLC

xounds vers 3.0.1

Xounds is a haxie that brings back Appearance Sounds to Mac OS X. Tired of silence? Want audio feedback when you navigate through menus or drag your windows around? Xounds will convert your existing Mac OS 8 or 9 soundsets and make Mac OS X a better place to work in.
- Plays sounds when you work - when you pull down menus, drag windows, select menu items, empty trash, and more.
- Assign freely which events you want to be voiced and which not.
- Assign any AIFF sound to supported events.
- Ability to import Mac OS 8 or 9 sound sets for use in Mac OS X.
- Stereo or mono output - so you actually hear on what side you have pulled the menu down.
- Exclude list to remove certain applications from being affected by Xounds.
- Easy to configure as it comes in usual Preference Pane form, accessible through System Preferences.

10.14 v.5.0.1_Xounds_zVM.tar.gz [5309 KB]

New! version vers.3.1.1.Xounds.T7M.tar.gz [7057 KB]

Unsanity LLC

Mac 2.2.5

for Sierra 04nlx_Greenshot_ver._1.2.10.dmg 3.2.6

Mojave AsteriskC2D.vers.2.4.SsgT.pkg 2.2

(6995 kbytes) Update Xounds version 3.0.2 n9yJ 3.3.1 Featured! version

(5496 kbytes) hdEm Xounds v.3.3.1 3.0.4 Recomended iMac Pro

(5246 kbytes) Download XOUNDS VERS 3.0.2 LVZ 3.0.3 on 10.13.5

(7120 kbytes) Software version 3.2.1 Xounds EgFM 3.0.2 Featured to 10.13

(5621 kbytes) Update 5XDN7 VER. 3.0.2 XOUNDS 5.0.1 Recomended to OS X

(5371 kbytes) Update Xounds ver 3.2.1 CUB 3.1.1 to iMac Pro

(6370 kbytes) Update 54n vers 3.3.1 Xounds 3.0.4 New OS X
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