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Never Read is the app to help clearing the mountain of unread articles for you. It will save you from the pressure that a huge backlog of articles can have on you by deleting unread articles that are older than 30 days (or almost any other number of days you tell it to).
The idea is simple: If you haven't had time to read an article within the specified time it probably isn't interesting enough to you in the first place. The chance for you to ever going to read it trending towards zero. Never Read will delete those articles for you to give you peace of mind.
If you would like to keep selected articles from being deleted, simply archive or favorite them. Never Read is designed to only delete items in your "unreads" list that are not favorited. It will never touch your archives.

Version OS X VER-2.1.1-NEVER-READ-SA9RJ.ZIP {6988 kb}

MacBook Never-Read-version-1.3.1-vxG.tar.gz {6256 kb}

Featured! version C6boI.version.1.2.1.Never.Read.pkg {7720 kb}

on MacBook Pro version_1.1.4_Never_Read_KOC.dmg {6656 kb}

Sascha Holesch

New 10.12.5 RESOMETRI_V_2.0.5_FXA2V.DMG 2.0.2

New! version RUSSIAN_COLLECTION_VERS.1.3.4_RGC30U.TAR.GZ 2.2.4

Recomended to 10.13.5 3.9.2

(6589 kbytes) Download R2ZHL Never Read version 3.1.1 1.1.2 Version for High Sierra

(5923 kbytes) App Never Read v 1.2.1 V2Xtt 1.3.1 Best for Mojave

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