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Learn to recognize musical intervals by ear. how install 10.12 (dmg)

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☆ 1.6.8 earman

EarMan helps you learn to recognize musical intervals by ear.
This affordable, no-nonsense application that can help anyone improve their skills with a structured curriculum and fully customizable practice sessions. A good ear is the key to musicianship and it all starts with intervals. This is why we made EarMan. Completing a training session in EarMan takes about 1-2 minutes, only a fraction of a typical tutored lesson. All sessions are graded immediately and results are made available in the results section of the application.

- Structured training program with 105 sessions
- Fully configurable Quick Sessions
- High-quality samples
- Music notation
- Silent Mode (for practicing intervals visually)
- Interval songs as mnemonic aid
- Calm interface
- Incorporation of complementary intervals
- Selectable playback range and direction
- Automatic grading of sessions
- Subliminal hint technology
- Dropbox sync support
- Detailed reports

to 10.13.4 vfw3.v.1.8.8.earman.pkg | 14450 kb |

Best! version 7DQG-EARMAN-V-3.6.8.APP | 18579 kb |

RoGame Software

Updated to Mac mini [24053 kb] 1.2

Recomended 10.12 [8625 kb] 4.1.14

Best OS X [4755 kb] 1.5

Updated for iMac Pro 1HGSk-MIDI-Monitor-version-1.6.pkg [3409 kb] 1.8

Recomended! version F52Q_PROTOTYPR_VER_1.5.2.APP [3145 kb] 3.2.2

Download 1.7.8 EARMAN 8QE 3.6.8 Mojave

Download EarMan v.1.6.11 YDF1rh 1.6.9 Featured on 10.12.6

Free e3FrwF vers 1.6.11 EarMan 1.6.9 Updated version

Download mbxe ver 1.6.10 EarMan 2.6.8 Updated OS X

Get ver. 2.6.8 EarMan XEHJ2g 1.6.9 Updated Mojave
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