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on 10.14.1 how install v 1.1.1 Sounds4Fun 🥉

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Description: 1638 KB; Sounds4Fun; Home Personal; Music; Ettore Software Limited

◆ Sounds4Fun v 1.1.1

Sounds4Fun allows you to assign any sound to any of up to 70 events. Hear a sound every time you hit CAPSLOCK or when power to your Macbook is interrupted. Be alerted by a sound when the Finder has finished that long copy. Amuse your friends by having the Mac yawn when it goes to sleep or wakes up. Have HAL ask you if you are sure you made the right decision when you shut your Mac down and many, many more!
Assign a sound to any number of short phrases of up to 3 words and hear it play when the phrase is typed - fun for pranks, but possibly useful to correct your bad typing habits?
Have Sounds4Fun read out the name of the currently playing song and artist when iTunes starts playing a track.

New OS X 0peN-ver.-1.1.4-Sounds4Fun.dmg [1359 kb]

Recomended on 10.12.4 [1556 kb]

Ettore Software Limited

Key for repack 1.1.1 Sounds4Fun

Featured to Mac Pro (10035 kbytes) 1.2

Best! version I-LIGA-VERS.1.3-IJRS.APP (311 kbytes) 1.5

New! version (4765567 kbytes) 10.0.2

Version Mac Pro version_1.43_dead.licious_y8nDZ.tar.gz (2821 kbytes) 2.42

(1539 KB) App Sounds4Fun 1.2.1 D64P5 1.1.4 for iMac

(1343 KB) Update SOUNDS4FUN 1.1.5 HSJO86 1.3.1 El Captan

(1949 KB) App K0H5I Sounds4Fun v 1.1.4 1.1.3 Best 10.12.6

(1539 KB) Get VERS 2.1.1 SOUNDS4FUN B8TC 1.2.1 Recomended to 10.13.6

(1490 KB) Get 8LUA v.1.3.1 Sounds4Fun 1.2.1 New! version

(1326 KB) Software wdS Sounds4Fun 1.4.1 1.3.1 Updated for OS X
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