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v 1.0 iMaster Objective C where download to MacBook

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iMaster Objective C v 1.0

iMaster Objective C, part of the iMaster self-teaching system, is the easiest way to learn how to program with the powerful and popular programming language Objective C. Objective C is the language used to develop for both iOS devices and OS X. Broken into 6 different topics and 1 main test, iMaster helps learn all aspects of Objective C programming. A topic is "mastered" once it has been passed 3 times. You are considered a master of Objective C once you have completed all quizzes. Great for learning a new technology for your job skills or to learn this new programming language.
Features include:
- Over 75 questions on all aspects of Objective C
- Custom quiz engine to help you focus on specific topics
- Visual feedback with correct answers
Objective C topics include:
- Terminology
- Variables
- Methods/Functions
- Classes
- Structure
- Syntax

to 10.14.1 | 4751 kbytes |


Featured Sierra vers-1.1-iMaster-Objective-C-Nfpc2z.tar.gz | 4259 kbytes |

New 10.13.5 | 3440 kbytes |

Best Mojave | 3481 kbytes |


10.14.2 (18513 kbytes) 2.7.4

Updated El Captan LASH.V.7.8.2.DVD.RIPPER.HD.ZIP (62648 kbytes) 7.6.5

Updated Mac Pro Cisdem-WinmailReader-vers-2.0.3-gmvgY.pkg (2252 kbytes) 2.2.0

Updated version (7397 kbytes) 2.9.0

(3850 kb) Update CDJ iMaster Objective C v 1.3 1.2 Recomended! version

(3727 kb) 6LAW VERS 1.2 IMASTER OBJECTIVE C 3.0 Best! version

(4341 kb) Download IMASTER OBJECTIVE C VER. 1.2 NIS8 1.1 New 10.14.2

(3932 kb) Download 5OMZ IMASTER OBJECTIVE C VER 3.0 1.4 Best! version
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