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▸ v.3.40 Check PrintR

Check PrintR is an easy-to-use check printing application: enter the order (payee), the dollar amount, and voilà! Check PrintR will automatically generate the word amount so you do not have to worry about spelling it out. You can also print blank checks to take with you. Drop the picture of your signature onto Check PrintR, and it will sign your checks automatically.
- All elements of the check can be moved to perfectly fit your needs, and you can decide which elements will be printed (convenient for pre-printed paper).
- Add up to 9 pictures to your checks for elaborate layout.
- Print as many blank checks as you want to use them like regular checkbooks.
- Extremely accurate MICR E13B technology is used to print special characters at the bottom of checks so they are recognized by bank processing. This font is used daily by regional and nationals banks.
- Keep track of all your expenses and deposits with the built-in electronic record book (Register).
- Balance is calculated automatically.
- Reconcile with your bank statement just as easily as you would with a paper record book.
- Save, load data and settings to use different accounts.
- Set different fonts to print your name on checks.
- Print immediately or later, on top, middle, bottom, or three checks per page.
- Checks can be printed on regular letter-size paper, plain white or color, as well as on professional looking check refill paper available from fine office supply stores.
- Also, Versacheck #1000, #1001, #1002, #3000, and Personal # 3001.
- The height of checks can be set in Preferences, to accommodate non standard pre-printed paper.
- Printing can be nudged horizontally and vertically very precisely in 1/72th inches.

New MacOS V.3.41-CHECK-PRINTR-CHISE.APP {43983 kb}

New Mojave I37-3.42-CHECK-PRINTR.TAR.GZ {39633 kb}

Version OS X Check_PrintR_vers_3.44_0EVYc.dmg {57516 kb}

Updated on Mac mini 2R0M-3.43-CHECK-PRINTR.DMG {46399 kb}

Recomended 10.11.4 X5sgo-Check-PrintR-vers-4.40.dmg {56066 kb}

Michel Bujardet

Key for repack Check PrintR

for 10.14.3 [19900 KB]

Updated on MacBook Pro X0k.Wondershare.Recoverit. [6218 KB]

MacBook Air [20406 KB] 6.1.9

Best Mojave 9h0x.v.2.0.Jewel.Quest:.The.Sleepless.Star.tar.gz [230809 KB] 1.4

for High Sierra hjfId-Dropshelf-ver.-3.3.3.dmg [1549 KB] 2.3.3

Free ver 3.42 Check PrintR Cq8 3.43 Recomended on 10.11

vers.3.44 Check PrintR eHus 3.43 Featured! version

Update 4.40 Check PrintR UQZp 3.42 New MacBook

Free l0wEX v.3.41 Check PrintR 4.40 Best to OS X

Software a9OnMB Check PrintR version 3.44 4.40 New MacOS

App 5fAK ver 3.42 Check PrintR 5.40 10.11.6
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