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Compare the contents of two directories. 🌚 how download for iMac (.pkg)

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Differ / Atsushi Jike / Developer Tools / 1434 KB /

◎ version 1.3.2 Differ

Differ lets you compare the contents of two directories simply and visually. This is especially helpful in using Xcode; you will often need to compare your current project with the previous version when testing or narrowing down the cause of a bug. The difference between two revisions can be created by command line, but this is not a useful way to compare projects.
Differ simply presents comparison result of two directories by drag-and-dropping. It allows you to compare projects without a version control system. And you can open files in FileMerge by double-clicking.

Version 10.12.6 vers_1.3.4_Differ_Gd2GD.dmg [1634 kbytes]

Mojave VER.-1.4.2-DIFFER-28CP2A.DMG [1577 kbytes]

Best on OS X Differ_1.3.6_lYO.pkg [1362 kbytes]

Featured to Sierra d2dyh-version-2.3.2-differ.tar.gz [1261 kbytes]

Atsushi Jike

New! version TVX-TEXPAD-VER-1.8.7.ZIP [53933 kb] 1.8.5

Recomended to 10.14.2 HYnz.ver.6.1.8.Subsonic.dmg [99165 kb] 6.1.9

Recomended to MacBook Pro 34Y_Horizon_Translator_vers_2.2.dmg [230 kb] 2.1

on MacBook Air VERS.1.8.CUTIEMELODY.VOTMEI.TAR.GZ [5483 kb] 1.9

Featured to 10.12.5 v. [881018 kb]

Sierra iotb.Follow.Up.version.1.1.8.pkg [303 kb] 1.2.5

(1362 kbytes) App WNVWL 1.6.2 DIFFER 1.3.3 Mojave

(1304 kbytes) w4NB Differ ver. 2.3.2 1.3.6 Best on Mac Pro

(1161 kbytes) Download VWag 1.5.2 Differ 1.3.5 Recomended 10.12.4

(1390 kbytes) App xdTz vers 1.4.2 Differ 1.3.3 on MacBook

(1347 kbytes) Software 1.5.2 Differ nskRc 1.3.4 Recomended to Mojave

(1563 kbytes) Free hhLB Differ ver 1.3.5 1.3.3 Recomended for 10.12.4

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