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how install File maintenance and privacy protection for iOS devices (release candid 2019 version

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IObit, Inc. - iFreeUp - System - 26214 KB - Utilities


iFreeUp is designed for iOS users to free up storage space, manage files on iOS devices directly from your Mac, and prevent privacy leaks in one click. It can remove and thoroughly shred various junk files, including app caches, logs, cookies, and more to save storage space, improve system performance, and prevent privacy leaks. To further manage iOS devices, iFreeUp provides export and import of photos, videos, music, books, apps, and podcasts between iOS devices and Mac, freeing up more storage space and saving private data. It can also shred deleted photos to make them unrecoverable. iFreeUp is an easy-to-use yet efficient tool to keep users’ iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch--especially those with only 8GB/16GB storage--running smoothly with enough storage space.

to 10.14 RQw0mg.v.2.0.0.iFreeUp.tar.gz | 25951 kbytes |

New to Sierra 29Gvh.iFreeUp.1.0.3.pkg | 31456 kbytes |

New! version LVm-v.1.1.0-iFreeUp.tar.gz | 21495 kbytes |

Featured iMac 1.0.1.iFreeUp.YehfIN.dmg | 22806 kbytes |

Recomended MacBook 0q9.iFreeUp.vers.1.3.0.pkg | 24903 kbytes |

IObit, Inc.

Recomended! version aC0-vers-1.1.6-Miles.pkg [3994 kbytes] 2.1.4

Best MacBook Air GbRyfi-Ace-Slot-Machine-Casino-v-2.2.3.tar.gz [26652 kbytes] 2.1.3

1.0.2 IFREEUP 4YI 1.2.0 Updated El Captan

Download NjZ16 iFreeUp v.1.0.4 1.3.0 Recomended! version

Download vers 1.0.3 iFreeUp ZgA 1.0.1 New! version

Free HE6P VER 1.0.1 IFREEUP 1.0.4 OS X

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