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Project Management - Business - MindLayout - 3584 KB - Nian Luo

MindLayout 3.0.3

MindLayout allows you to visually outline information > streamline thoughts > plot thoughts in a map > increase productivity > get organized
Use Mind Layout to:
- Explore ideas, brainstorm them
- Create school projects, class notes
- Make travel plans
- Create health and diet charts
- Formulate project roadmaps
- Create presentations and more

- Create, edit, and import mind maps.
- Add child and sibling nodes
- Search node feature allows easy nodes discoverability
- Simply drag or drop the nodes to cut-copy-paste
- Color coded nodes
- Select theme for your map - follow color, level color, no border mode, grayscale mode, night mode
- Add notes and URL to nodes and open it with a single tap.
- Multiple line styles - dotted, straight and curve to arrange nodes
- View map in list format

for 10.11.4 ver.3.0.MindLayout.Ftjt6.tar.gz

Mac Pro 2.1.2_MindLayout_s0ahW.tar.gz

Best! version wOGw3q-vers-4.0.3-MindLayout.dmg

Featured! version

Best to OS X

Nian Luo

Torrent version key MindLayout 3.0.3

Version to MacBook Air DVK_CHATTY_FOR_GOOGLE_HANGOUTS_VERS_3.0.ZIP | 1179 kbytes | 2.3

Recomended OS X VER._2.0.8_AUTOBOT_DEC5CH.PKG | 687 kbytes | 2.0.7

Version 10.14 VER._2.0.8_AUTOBOT_DEC5CH.PKG.ygl0.pkg | 386629 kbytes | 2.0.7

New Mac GFQ_MENUTAB_FOR_FACEBOOK_VER._6.10.PKG | 5498 kbytes | 6.11

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