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Swipes takes away the stress of looking into long lists of to-dos and helps you focus on one priority at a time. It stands on the shoulders of a powerful productivity concept called the Swipes Way - Collect, Organize, Take Action. Based on smart integrations (with Gmail and Evernote, triggered via Swipes on mobile), the app helps you automatically collect all your tasks into one place. You can then quickly organize them according to your priorities and re-schedule everything else for later. As a final step of the success loop, Swipes lets you set your mind on this one priority and work on it with full focus. Once you’re done, the app will cheer you and send you the next action from the list.

- Plan your day on a timeline
- Easily schedule non-priority tasks for later
- Manage tasks from Evernote’s checkmarks and emails from Gmail via the integration on Swipes mobile
- Set task priorities
- Set reoccurring tasks
- Workspaces - Use tag & filter to work in context
- Get reminded with notifications
- Assign reminders and notes
- Access to Swipes on all your devices
- All your data is safe and backed-up to the cloud
- Save any content from the web as a task - Quick add from status bar
- Work even in offline mode
- Badge icon & notifications

on MacOS Swipes_v.2.0_7QjT.pkg [577 KB]

Featured for Mac mini Swipes.vers.1.4.KHJdo.pkg [540 KB]

Featured on 10.12.5 iAy1.Swipes.v.1.2.tar.gz [595 KB]

10.13 Swipes.ver.3.0.akHG.dmg [632 KB]

New! version Swipes_vers.1.1_I2M4S.pkg [632 KB]

Best OS X [497 KB]

Swipes Incorporated
Official site:

Recomended! version D90_CORAIL_V_2.0.7.APP 1.0.8

New for 10.14 99KWf.2.0.Colin.McRae:.DiRT.2.pkg 1.2

to MacOS 3.2.20

for iMac 5HGQGJ_SEND_SMS_VERS.3.0.PKG 2.0

New on OS X Of2T_v.1.2.0_Docxtor.tar.gz 1.1.0

[552 kb] 3.0 Swipes MD24 1.2 Recomended! version

[534 kb] Get NTL SWIPES 1.2 3.0 for MacOS

[626 kb] Software Swipes ver 2.0 HjEyC 1.3 Best! version

[607 kb] vers.1.1 Swipes ccA 1.3 Updated 10.13.4

[706 kb] Get Swipes ver. 3.0 CaIX 2.0 Best for High Sierra

[681 kb] Software RlOvDx Swipes 1.3 3.0 on MacOS

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