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Description: Business - Real Estate Management - 110592 KB - Vladimir Romanov - Applications


Real Estate Management is designed mostly for real estate agents and other specialists working with real estate. The program will facilitate routine operations on business records of real estate items for sale or for rent, incoming requests as well as clients database. Easily add new real estate items. Each item can be categorized.The app already includes srandard categories, such as a flat, a house, a garage. You can change or complete this list. Besided the category you can save any other type of data on real estate items, including pictures.

Recomended 10.12.5 {110592 KB}

Best on iMac 0EON.v.3.01.12.Real.Estate.Management.pkg {116121 KB}

New! version qPsN_Real_Estate_Management_vers.2.01.16.tar.gz {90685 KB}

Recomended MacOS SI1HUR-REAL-ESTATE-MANAGEMENT-4.01.12.ZIP {129392 KB}

Vladimir Romanov
Official site:

for MacOS | 7024 kb | 1.1

for High Sierra | 103456 kb | 3.10.51892.9343

to MacOS | 3118 kb | 2.4

Recomended Sierra | 46182 kb | 1.1.7

Best! version | 13824 kb | 1.1

App 2.01.15 Real Estate Management FGX 4.01.12 Updated on OS X

Free REL REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT VER. 2.4.12 2.01.16 Best iMac

Software PF0TD9 vers.2.3.12 Real Estate Management 2.01.13 10.14.2

Free Real Estate Management vers.2.01.14 h3sU7t 2.3.12 Recomended! version

Update lpL Real Estate Management v 2.3.12 2.4.12 New on Sierra

9K5m Real Estate Management 2.01.16 2.4.12 for 10.13.4

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