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Utilities - System - Atlas Wegman - 1024 KB - ScreenDimmer

1.4 ScreenDimmer

ScreenDimmer is the brightness utility OS X has been missing. With support for multiple monitors, intuitive slider behavior, and always available key shortcuts it is a simple yet comprehensive solution to a problem many Mac users struggle with. It is capable of controlling the brightness of up to three monitors, independently of each other. It gives you complete, fine grained control over all your external displays.
Watching a movie on one monitor and want to dim the other? ScreenDimmer can do that. iMac screen hurting your eyes at night? ScreenDimmer can help with that too. Want to focus on your work while blocking out all other distractions? You guessed it, ScreenDimmer... An unobtrusive menubar application.

OS X FNthH-1.6-ScreenDimmer.pkg (1085 KB)

Version 10.13 XXTmF_v.2.4_ScreenDimmer.tar.gz (1024 KB)

MacBook Pro V.1.8-SCREENDIMMER-35WG.DMG (901 KB)

New Sierra (839 KB)

Updated on 10.14 (1187 KB)

Atlas Wegman

on MacBook [64426 KB] 2.55.1

Featured MacOS HLJ3z-RacR-2.10.2.tar.gz [77070 KB] 2.08.3

Updated version 0.19.OTX.YQX.ZIP [922 KB] 0.21

Mac [29045 KB] 4.2.2

[1054 kbytes] Free 1.7 SCREENDIMMER T08B 3.4 Best! version

[1013 kbytes] Free viR ScreenDimmer vers 2.4 1.5 10.11

[1177 kbytes] Get 2.4 ScreenDimmer ubKQK 1.8 Best 10.12

[1136 kbytes] Get 7W3M7 SCREENDIMMER VERS 1.6 2.4 New OS X

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