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for iMac how download Total Video Tools v.1.2.3

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Description: Video - vGuruSoft - 42086 KB - Multimedia Design - Total Video Tools

➡ 1.2.3 Total Video Tools

Total Video Tools is an all-in-one essential video and audio toolset to edit movie, capture screen, convert, merge, compress, and play any video and audio on Mac.
Key Features:

Full-Featured Video Editing:
- Video Trimming: Trim any video to get the most wanted clip for saving and sharing.
- Audio Trimming: Freely trim audio files of any format.
- Rotation: It offers real-time preview for 4 rotation modes: flip horizontal, flip vertical, rotation 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise!
- Merging Tool: Merge multiple video clips and convert them to any format.
- Video Mux: Combine videos and audios. Add or change the background music to the videos.
- Audio Removal: Remove the original audio tracks to extract soundless video streams.
- Audio Extraction: Extract lossless song or audio.
- Audio Normalization: Batch analyze audio files to the same volume level.
- Video Compression: Compress videos in a batch with 4 kinds of compression ratio.
- Enjoy 30X conversion speed between 200+ formats breakthrough hardware acceleration technology.
- Support HEVC (H.265) codecs and improve image quality.
- Preset the best format & resolution of each output device.
- Smoothly play 200+ multimedia formats like MTS, MKV, VOB, MP4, AVI, MP3, OGG, M4A and more.
- Play video files frame-by-frame without missing any detail.

Lossless Screen/Voice Recorder:
- Support long recording of screen and camera and output lossless videos.
- Support audio inputs by microphone and record your voice with the screen synchronized.
- Usage scenario: web-based instructional videos recording, software tutorial videos recording, game videos recording, game commentary videos recording, favorite online video clips recording

on El Captan {37456 kbytes}

New to iMac Pro {38298 kbytes}

Version on iMac {40402 kbytes}

Recomended iMac Pro {43348 kbytes}

Sierra ver.1.2.2.Total.Video.Tools.3yGxq.pkg {35773 kbytes}


New to iMac V.3.4.1.MAINSTAGE.3.GOL.PKG 3.3

on Sierra STASH-VERS-0.87-TWYMXW.PKG 0.84

Version High Sierra MDB.VERS.3.1.PROCOMMANDER.DMG 1.4

{34931 KB} Get H82 Total Video Tools version 1.2.4 1.2.5 on El Captan

{33668 KB} Total Video Tools version 1.2.7 RoS 3.2.3 Sierra

{39981 KB} Download v.1.4.3 Total Video Tools YpXIF 1.2.7 Best to Mojave

{38719 KB} Software ver. 1.2.6 Total Video Tools Vlfn 1.2.2 Version for 10.14.2

{34510 KB} Software Total Video Tools ver. 1.2.4 Zzi 1.2.5 New OS X

{40823 KB} VXA TOTAL VIDEO TOOLS VERSION 1.2.5 2.2.3 Sierra

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