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1.9.550.1 StopAd

StopAd allows you to block ads on all major browsers as well as in applications and social sites, including Facebook, Skype, and more.

- Popups
- Banner ads
- YouTube ads
- Auto-start video and audio ads
- Facebook and Google ads
- Skype ads

Privacy protection is our #1 concern and we think trackers go too far, so we block those, too. In 2016, search engines made over 100 billion dollars-partly by selling your personal data to advertisers. StopAd deactivates online trackers so search engines, advertisers and cyber criminals can’t collect your personal data when you’re online.
Note: price shown reflects that of an annual subscription. To view more pricing options, go here.

New! version

Recomended! version STOPAD.V.1.11.550.1.N8S.APP

to iMac Pro MKEX-VERS.

Featured on 10.12.5

for OS X

Best 10.14.1 uOrMv_StopAd_v.1.10.550.1.pkg

Official site:

Updated High Sierra Eagle.Eye.v.2.0.4.M3Xek.dmg [2395 KB] 1.0.8

Best Sierra Smart.Trash.v.2.1.7.T9Sa8q.tar.gz [4856 KB] 4.0.7

Recomended! version 2iCE_My_Tunes_Companion_vers_3.0.dmg [1044 KB] 1.3

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