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MeisterTask; 50176 KB; Personal Info Managers; MeisterLabs; Business


MeisterTask is an intuitive task management tool. Created by the collaboration experts behind MindMeister, the platform offers a beautiful interface that makes task management not only efficient but even enjoyable. Whether you're a software developer working with sprints, a marketing team in love with Kanban boards, or an event manager looking for some simple but powerful task lists, MeisterTask is the tool that will enable you to successfully manage your projects and up your standard in efficient collaboration. With its free mobile app for iPhone and iPad you stay on top of your to-dos wherever you are.

on OS X (42649 kbytes)

for OS X SAK.2.0.5.MEISTERTASK.TAR.GZ (49674 kbytes)

Best MacBook Air 2.2.2_meistertask_kydp.dmg (42147 kbytes)

New High Sierra QiK-version-1.2.9-MeisterTask.dmg (47667 kbytes)

for 10.11.4 FsYz.MeisterTask.vers.2.3.2.pkg (42147 kbytes)

Featured! version MeisterTask.version.2.0.3.CHWNFR.dmg (59709 kbytes)


Software key 2.0.2 MeisterTask

Updated on Sierra {8294 KB} 1.2

OS X ver.5.2.0.Discovery.CYU6.tar.gz {31544 KB} 4.4.0

[48670 kbytes] Update 1QS v.2.0.6 MeisterTask 1.2.7 MacOS

[46663 kbytes] App MeisterTask vers.2.2.2 DL6w 2.1.2 High Sierra

[54691 kbytes] Free MeisterTask v.1.2.9 dJB 2.0.4 Best Mac mini

[52684 kbytes] Update v.1.2.7 MeisterTask vfwcHr 2.2.2 Version iMac Pro

[40642 kbytes] RdRzaG MeisterTask vers.2.0.6 2.0.5 Updated to MacOS

[55695 kbytes] Software 2.2.2 MEISTERTASK 7KJ6 2.0.4 New on MacBook Air

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