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on High Sierra where download 🌝 IconFly 3.9

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Description: Aperio Lux Team Utilities IconFly Icon Tools 7578 KB

➡ vers.3.9 IconFly

IconFly is designed to simplify the creation of Appiconset or a full set of icons for your macOS, iOS, and watchOS applications. All you need to do is import an image, pick your icon type, generate icon previews and export; or you can use QuickIcon feature to create icons without previews generation step.
IconFly supports Appiconset for:
- macOS 10.14
- iOS 12 with iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPad Pro
- watchOS 5 with Apple Watch Series 4

You can save the Appiconset generated by IconFly directly to Assets Catalog inside your project, and it's ready to use with no additional steps. It contains all the necessary icon dimensions and a properly formatted JSON file.
IconFly also supports Appiconset for the previous versions starting from iOS 7 and watchOS 1.
Web Icons
IconFly supports the following web icon types:
- Web Clip icons
- Ordinary and Extended favicon
- Android web icons

IconFly also creates web page headers and a manifest file for Web Clip icons and Android web icons.
Features List:
- Support the following image formats for importing: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, ICNS, PSD, EPS, AI, PDF
- Create app icons for macOS, iOS, and watchOS
- Support appiconset and iconset
- Support icons preview in each dimension before export
- Support replacing image for each dimension cell separately
- Automatically remove alpha channel for iOS and watchOS app icons
- Support ICNS with Retina for macOS icons
- Create a folder with an icon
- Set an icon on the folder and file
- Save icons as separate images in the following formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF
- Built-in masks
- Preview in Dock for macOS icons
- Support app icons for iOS 7 and later
- Support app icons for watchOS 1 and later
- Support app icons for 38 mm, 40 mm, 42mm, and 44 mm Apple Watch
- Create a full set of app icons for Android
- Create Web Clip icons, favicon, and Android web icons
- QuickIcon
- Automatic image naming
- Actively supported and consistently updated

Mojave 3.11-ICONFLY-NAK.DMG {8032 kbytes}

High Sierra {8714 kbytes}

to Sierra vers_3.8_iconfly_469.pkg {7274 kbytes}

Updated for El Captan IconFly_ver_3.12_CXlmGb.tar.gz {8108 kbytes}

Best! version ICONFLY.VERS.4.9.NAAQJ.PKG {9017 kbytes}

Version OS X cb1de-iconfly-version-5.9.tar.gz {7956 kbytes}

Version to OS X VERSION.3.13.ICONFLY.EHSZ.APP {6138 kbytes}

Aperio Lux Team

Updated version mgcCF_Photonium_Access_v_1.1.5.tar.gz 1.0.1

Recomended! version Sports_Calculator_vers.1.1_B3dy.tar.gz 2.0

Version 10.14 YRBQ4L_VERS.1.4.5_HASTE_-_QUICK_WEB_SEARCH.ZIP 1.1.1

to OS X Tt8MM.Toucan.Search.ver..1.5.4.pkg 3.5.2

10.14 BRAIN-GYM-V.1.0.4-JLUM.ZIP 3.0.1

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