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Title AstroImager

1. Astroimager (ASI178MC-Cool) captured image of the moon - check below.
QSI CCD driver,
Posted 02 May 2018 - 03:15 PM
Astrophotography with Mac OS X
DCD is a platform independent user interface for remote telescope and device control, compatible with the INDI standard.

Featured Mac mini [32893 kbytes]

Updated for MacBook Air [41207 kbytes]

Featured on Mac Pro [35062 kbytes]

Two asterisks ** means I have a current license and I use the
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SharpCap 2 - Flexible image capturing software, records in raw, uncompressed files
Observation planning and telescope control. Highly recommended. Can communicate with Equinox.
Thank you!
INDIGO Server is backend counterpart for INDIGO clients in distributed environment. It is bundled with all available drivers (crossplatform and macOS specific). View details »
Xephem is a Motif based ephemeris and planetarium program for Unix-like operating systems.

Get NY0L7D ASTROIMAGER VER. 3.13 3.14 on OS X

Free S4ZT0 V.3.13 ASTROIMAGER 4.10 Updated version

Download lSToAa AstroImager 3.14 3.7 to High Sierra

Download HBh AstroImager 3.12 3.9 Updated 10.14.2

AstroImager v 3.12 11v 3.4 Updated MacOS

VERS.3.2 ASTROIMAGER TOOD6A 3.7 on High Sierra

Free QWy vers.3.9 AstroImager 3.13 Updated for High Sierra

Updated 10.12.4 Opera.57.0.3098.106.pV0P.pkg (75119 kbytes) 56.0.3051.35

Version on Sierra OC5-V.3.1.29-SMARTPHONE-RECOVERY-PRO.DMG (22138 kbytes) 3.0.31

New! version 4.1.37.PDF.TO.XLSX.MASTER.2VY.DMG (551270 kbytes) 3.1.31

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