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Popup Window
File Management
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Catalystwo Ltd

✅ version 1.3.5 Popup Window

Popup Window is a folder system designed to stick to the edges of your screen and pop up when you tap the tab. Keep your screen in order and your files tidy and together with Popup Window.
You can watch the demonstration video here:
Note: The demo version is the same as the paid version except it has a restriction on total window count.
Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Version to OS X knqlNI.Popup.Window.1.3.7.tar.gz (2396 kbytes)

Best! version vers.1.3.5_Popup_Window_wtfYLr.pkg (2109 kbytes)

Catalystwo Ltd

Recomended to iMac Pro | 5900 KB | 3.6

Updated for 10.14.1 UVJTDE-CANON-IMAGEBROWSER-V.6.10.0A.ZIP | 27648 KB | 6.9.4a

10.11 | 4960 KB | 4.1

{1863 KB} Get POPUP WINDOW VER 1.5.5 R0OOQ 1.3.6 on OS X

{1781 KB} App POPUP WINDOW VERSION 1.8 XR74HD 1.3.7 New! version

{2109 KB} Download Popup Window 1.8 2FJ82 1.3.7 High Sierra

{2048 KB} Free 1TKJ 1.4.5 POPUP WINDOW 1.5.5 Featured MacOS

{1843 KB} Get CrptcJ Popup Window ver. 1.5.5 1.3.7 Updated version

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