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Photoshop 101 provides 5 hours of thorough Photoshop CS5 training.
Photoshop CS5 is the industry-standard image editing & photo manipulation software. If you want to design pro-level imagery, you need to use Photoshop.
This App contains 5-hours of training (115 separate videos) by, covering the fundamentals of using Photoshop CS5.
This comprehensive 5-hour tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to confidently adjust, correct, retouch, and manipulate images and text in Photoshop CS5.
To get you up to speed fast on some of Photoshop CS5's best new tools, vetran trainer Jim Kanter starts with two fantastic Jumpstarts-start-to-finish, real-world projects that let you dive right in and use the new stuff. You'll explore the new lens correction effects, use new context-aware tools to clean up problem areas, create eye-popping 3D text with Repoussé, and transform a photograph into a painting using the new mixer brush and brush tips controls.
Next, Kanter takes you through the fundamentals of correcting, adjusting, cropping, and retouching images before moving on to advanced image-editing and photo-manipulation. A certified Adobe product expert, Kanter demonstrates important tips and tricks for working with layers, applying Photoshop's filters and effects, using Paths & Masks, working with Erasers & Brushes, and much more. Along the way, you'll learn important workflow techniques for retouching photographs to improve contrast and color, while removing unwanted artifacts from your images.
This is training from a master-someone who knows the app inside and out as a daily user, and who constantly re-invents his teaching as Photoshop evolves. If you're new to Photoshop, sit back and enjoy the best day you'll ever spend with an amazing piece of software. If you're a veteran to Photoshop, we're confident you'll be blown away, as we were, by the amount of stuff you never knew about the software, demonstrated with ease and humor by one of the best educators in the field.
As always, this is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch it from beginning to end. Use the search functions and detailed menus to quickly find the topics you want- that's the essence of Nonlinear Educating!

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Recomended! version Q60VE.V.1.5.PHOTOSHOP.101.DMG | 724736 kbytes |

Recomended! version 2.1-Photoshop-101-FwoA.tar.gz | 633190 kbytes |

to OS X | 778137 kbytes |

Key for repack Photoshop 101 1.1

Updated version u1p4oR-ver.-3.5-Album-Artwork-Assistant.tar.gz | 3751 kb | 4.2

Featured 10.12 D6DNhK-WordWrapper-4.3.tar.gz | 283 kb | 4.2

Version MacOS F8DG-2.3.9-Startupizer.pkg | 4845 kb | 4.3.8

New! version Quadranto.ver..1.3.obvt6O.pkg | 13074 kb | 1.4

10.13 YIywi_ver_3.2_Limits_(Goal_Tracker).dmg | 687 kb | 1.3

Best MacBook | 121 kb | 1.3

{724736 kb} V.1.4 PHOTOSHOP 101 YJMUB 1.3 Featured! version

{694220 kb} Update VER. 1.3 PHOTOSHOP 101 XGKQK7 3.1 10.14.2

{816281 kb} Software 7MTQ VER. 1.4 PHOTOSHOP 101 3.1 Updated version

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