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on 10.11.5 4.2 iProtectMac how install

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iProtectMac - Utilities - Backup - 14131 KB - Jaega Software, Inc.

◉ vers.4.2 iProtectMac

iProtectMac is a simple, secure way to protect and restore all the data resident on your Mac from anywhere on the planet for as little as $1.00 per month. Protected... all the time. Automatically creates an encrypted copy of each and every file on your MacBook, iMac or MacPro, and easily handles the complete transfer to and restoration from the cloud. Secure. Always encrypted, whether in transit or at rest in the cloud. Set and Forget. Continuous backup of all your data on Mac. Massive scale. Store and retrieve any amount of data. Goodness. Pay for only what you consume. Peace of mind. Global cloud storage destinations are provided by Amazon Web Services. Best Value. Subscription license fee is just $15 per year. Plus, pay one low price per gigabyte for the storage option you choose. "It's the best life insurance for all your information on Mac."

for Mac mini iProtectMac.vers.4.4.ODr43.pkg | 12717 KB |

New! version | 13424 KB |

Version 10.12.4 8MU.iProtectMac.6.2.dmg | 11446 KB |

Jaega Software, Inc.
Official site:

Featured OS X {8215 kbytes} 1.8.2

Best! version {1147 kbytes}

Mojave 2.4.GridaPic.0yX.tar.gz {92 kbytes} 4.2

Updated version {78289 kbytes} 2.0

Best Mac mini {1862 kbytes} 3.0.1

App zI4c 4.3 iProtectMac 4.6 Best! version

57L5 VERSION 4.3 IPROTECTMAC 5.2 Updated for Mac Pro

Free EJK78O VER. 5.2 IPROTECTMAC 4.3 MacBook Pro

Free iProtectMac 4.5 hUeN 4.6 Version to iMac

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