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❗️ vers 1.1.9 Basis Sync how download on 10.13.4

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Basis Sync Basis Health and Fitness Home Personal 9933 KB

Basis Sync vers 1.1.9

Basis Sync allows you to sync your data to your Basis dashboard and to keep your Basis band up-to-date.
Basis is a wrist-based health tracker and personal dashboard that helps you build long-lasting healthy habits.The Basis band leverages four types of advanced sensors in its lightweight, customizable design in order to calculate various health metrics including steps taken, calories burned and sleep quality as well as resting heart rate.
The Basis dashboard allows you to set daily health habits that automatically adjust your weekly targets based on your progress. Using this flexible approach, you’ll build healthy habits you can actually maintain for years.

Updated for Mac Pro [9833 kb]

Featured 10.12.4 Basis-Sync-ver.-3.1.9-eeTq.tar.gz [10230 kb]

New! version VER.1.1.10.BASIS.SYNC.WLDVG.ZIP [8443 kb]

New OS X ucoj_basis_sync_vers_1.2.9.dmg [10330 kb]


New for iMac Pro | 1051 KB | 3.2.3

New OS X | 3778 KB | 1.3

Version for 10.14.2 v.2.3.3.Hostbuddy.V4n7So.pkg | 8028 KB | 2.0.3

[8641 kbytes] Software Basis Sync version 3.1.9 PkMH0 1.2.9 OS X

[11621 kbytes] Get vers.1.2.9 Basis Sync 9hsAl 1.1.13 Updated version

[8443 kbytes] App Basis Sync ver. 1.4.9 jLgl3m 2.1.9 Recomended for 10.14

[10032 kbytes] Software kOsZ vers 1.1.10 Basis Sync 3.1.9 iMac Pro

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