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(15 top) for 10.12.5 where download vers 1.1 Active Tables

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Description: DTP Tools Ltd, Spreadsheets, Business, 12800 KB, Active Tables

◎ version 1.1 Active Tables

Active Tables plug-in brings the spreadsheet-like functionality to InDesign. It allows to sort tables and create formulas.
Formulas are not limited to work with data within one table, so you can just copy/paste your price-list table on the pasteboard making sure all prices in your catalog are up to date. Even better, formulas can be placed to any text in the document, so you can have calculation results display anywhere you need them to.
Active Tables has broad field of use, starting from InDesign made invoices in a small studio to big catalogs showing always the right price. You can define names and use them in your formulas. A good example is defining commonly used numbers such as tax percentage as names you can use directly in the formula.

New to iMac Active_Tables_v_3.1_5dWLy.dmg | 12928 kbytes |

Updated MacBook Air XRSJb.Active.Tables.ver.1.2.tar.gz | 12288 kbytes |

DTP Tools Ltd

Version for OS X AVW-VER.-1.2.8-METAIMAGE.PKG 1.0.0

Recomended for Sierra BITNAMI.LIMESURVEY.STACK.3.11.0-0.1B5B.APP 3.4.2-0


Best to OS X VUO24_1.3.3_NAMEBENCH.PKG 1.5.1

{14464 kb} Free N3L VER 1.3 ACTIVE TABLES 3.1 to 10.12.6

{14080 kb} Software vers 1.3 Active Tables m0nNy 2.1 New for 10.12.6

{10880 kb} App 1.5 Active Tables 4l1V 1.4 Updated iMac

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