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MacBook Pro how install TextExpander vers. 5.1.5

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◉ m0xloi.textexpander.v.5.1.5.pkg

TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures. Type more with less effort!
Here are a few examples for what you can do with TextExpander:
- Insert standard greetings, phrases, boilerplate paragraphs, and signatures - including formatted text and pictures.
- Correct typos automatically
- Organize snippets into groups
- Add predefined snippet groups, including HTML, CSS, Autocorrect, Accented Words, and Symbols groups.
- Shorten long URLs automatically with the Internet Productivity snippet group
- Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer.
- Sync snippets via MobileMe

TextExpander is controlled from its own preference pane inside your System Preferences. Designed for easy handling, TextExpander blends in perfectly with your operating system.
Note: The published price is the monthly cost of a one-year subscription, billed annually. Full pricing information can be found here.

on MacOS

New! version ver..5.1.8.TextExpander.29G.tar.gz

Updated for Sierra


Featured! version Zeus_Terminal_vers.3.4_rAeOcq.tar.gz (6161 KB) 5.1

Recomended! version Simply.HDR.5.2.6.kGPRB.pkg (88680 KB) 3.5.6

Recomended for iMac 3.5-FLINT-NHVS.DMG (2850 KB) 1.6

| 20428 KB | Get VERS.5.3.5 TEXTEXPANDER E9CUK 7.1.5 Updated for 10.14.2

| 19650 KB | Free 5Lu TextExpander version 6.1.5 5.1.9 Best 10.13.5

| 22763 KB | Download TextExpander vers 5.3.5 QpGD 5.1.9 Version for MacOS

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