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Description: Fractscape; 18944 KB; Illustration; Multimedia Design; Starscene Software

❫ Fractscape vers 1.5

Fractscape... Make the landscapes of your dreams in a fun and easy way: Fractscape uses fractal terrain generation techniques to create a wide variety of landscapes, with as much or as little control as you want.Export terrain files for game engines or other uses, or just wander through the wilderness in first-person mode. Load in your own textures, instantly and automatically build high-res terrains out of low-res heightmaps, or randomize everything and see what happens. Use the various controls to shape the terrain and influence the auto-texturing. Made especially for the Unity engine, but works with anything that loads heightmaps or .obj files.

Featured to MacBook (21217 KB)

Best! version (16670 KB)

to MacBook Air VTOC-1.6-FRACTSCAPE.ZIP (22164 KB)

Version MacOS J62p.1.8.Fractscape.pkg (21217 KB)

Starscene Software

Key for repack

Updated version (72800 KB) 2.0

on Sierra Jump.Birdy.Jump.ver..2.3.5ug9L.pkg (2778 KB) 1.4

for Sierra (11059 KB) 1.0.7

Best! version Launch_it!_2.2.1_W58.tar.gz (761 KB) 2.0.2

Updated to 10.12 (12460 KB) 2.0.1

(19891 KB) Get gnA vers 3.5 Fractscape 1.7 10.13.6

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