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➜ ForeverSave v.2.1.6

ForeverSave auto-saves all documents you're working on while simultaneously doing backup versioning in the background. Lost data can be quickly restored at any time. Define your preferred time interval and ForeverSave 2 automatically saves and backs up all documents you're currently working on. Add as many applications to ForeverSave's library as you want and you'll no longer need to manually save any of your documents.
Each time documents are saved - either manually by yourself or automatically by ForeverSave 2 - a version of the document is created which allows you to browse through a complete version history of the documents you have been working on. Just pick the version you desire and ForeverSave 2 shows you a Quick Look preview of the file. Besides restoring your documents to a destination of your choice or by drag-and-drop, ForeverSave 2 lets you automatically replace a faulty original document by an earlier working version from the backups.
No matter what kind of documents you're a dealing with, a wide range of settings allow ForeverSave 2 to perfectly adapt to your personal workflow. Save disk space by excluding documents with large file sizes, limit the number of maximum versions of a document or restrict backup creation to certain file extensions, such as .txt or .psd. Every individual case can be set up in ForeverSave 2.

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New! version 50MH.LIGHTHOUSE.VERS.1.2.11.ZIP {7555 kb} 1.2.8

Version to MacBook VERS.1.6_TIMER_CLOCK_9IQGOC.APP {5468 kb} 1.5

(2888 kb) Get ForeverSave version 2.4.6 ZoMb 4.1.6 New! version

(2793 kb) Software YHr ForeverSave vers 2.1.7 4.1.6 to MacBook Air

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