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Description: Education; 113664 KB; Science; Deep River Development Ltd; LGV Theory Test Lite

LGV Theory Test Lite vers 5.0

LGV Theory Test Lite (UK) uses the Latest Official DSA highway code revision question data bank in an intuitive, powerful way and is one of the most flexible applications on the market. Revise multiple topics at the same time! Choose how many times you want to see the questions already answered in previous sessions!
Important: in this version 4 topics are included. In order to access the full database (14 topics) purchase LGV Theory Test in Mac App Store!
- Regularly updated.
- Works offline. Get as much training as you need when you need it.
- The Official DSA revision question database
- Mac-friendly. Unlike other LGV theory test applications LGV Theory Test is Designed for OS X.
- Realistic. Try your skills in the Mock Test as many times as you wish!
- Advertisement free!
- LGV Theory Test intelligently takes into account which questions have been previously answered incorrectly!
- Allows practice of any number of selected topics simultaneously
- No annoying repetition: choose how many times you want to see the questions already answered in previous sessions
- Choose the number of questions you want to answer during a practice test
- Full statistics with the number of questions still to be answered on the front screen

- Intuitive standardized interface allows you to focus on your test
- Revise each question after test completion
- Useful hints to make your learning more efficient
- Highway code included


Recomended MacBook Air (117073 KB)

Version for 10.14.1 5.1.LGV.Theory.Test.Lite.EPWRL.tar.gz (101160 KB)

MacOS iptkj.lgv.theory.test.lite.ver..5.4.dmg (98887 KB)

High Sierra Q1CW.LGV.THEORY.TEST.LITE.VERS.6.0.APP (103434 KB)

Deep River Development Ltd

Serial key LGV Theory Test Lite 5.0

New 10.14.2 3.3.12

Best for 10.12.4 Caffe_vers_1.1.1.4_EJdq.tar.gz

Recomended! version l2vdDN-version-2.3-PolyBrowser.pkg 2.2

Featured 10.14.1 ICON.ARRANGER.VERS.3.2.FR6PRC.DMG 3.4

for MacOS A6J_ALL.COM_V_4.5.1.PKG 4.4.1

iMac 3.4.3

| 121620 kb | dLCv ver 5.4 LGV Theory Test Lite 6.0 Version to MacOS

| 94341 kb | App WGGHGQ VER. 7.0 LGV THEORY TEST LITE 6.0 OS X

| 106844 kb | App v.6.0 LGV Theory Test Lite G5vCx 7.0 Featured MacOS

| 123893 kb | Download Ucz 5.4 LGV Theory Test Lite 5.3 Mac

| 120483 kb | 5.4 LGV Theory Test Lite AGz 5.3 for iMac Pro

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