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▸ 2.0.2 FinanceToGo

FinanceToGo is an affordable and easy-to-use personal finance manager based on the principles of double entry accounting.
If you are an individual or small business owner, FinanceToGo is an ideal tool which allows you to create budgets and track what you spend your money on with automatically generated graphs and charts.
You can track debt, profit and losses, liquid and fixed assets, transactions, multiple accounts and more in a one-window application with a sleek Mac OS X interface.
Main features:
- Graphs - Bar and pie charts of your financial data is automatically generated.
- Accounts - Manage dozens of accounts at any one time.
- Shares - Track any share investments you have in businesses.
- Reports - Generate balance sheets, profit and loss statements and more.
- Import Quicken files - if you already use Quicken for Mac, you can import a QIF file and continue as usual!
- Transactions - Track thousands of transactions in multiple accounts at once.

Version MacBook | 5222 kbytes |

Updated iMac Pro financetogo-ver-2.1.2-snoo.pkg | 6109 kbytes |

Bert Torfs

to 10.14.1 {90322 KB} 3.8.1

Best Sierra {80855 KB} 1.14

Best on 10.14.3 {418 KB} 3.0

Featured! version EYY_VER._3.0.15_ACID_CAM.ZIP {13728 KB} 2.2.15

[4334 kb] 6UMVIA VERSION 2.2.2 FINANCETOGO 2.0.6 Sierra

[5169 kb] Free 6BX7I V.4.0.2 FINANCETOGO 2.0.6 Featured! version

[6214 kb] App 1VSxtX FinanceToGo v 2.0.3 4.0.2 Best to Mojave

[6005 kb] Update FinanceToGo v 2.2.2 fcW 2.0.4 New! version

[4752 kb] NR2w1 vers.2.0.5 FinanceToGo 2.0.6 New! version

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