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In-App Tides and Currents: Some apps require an internet access and some even put you through a long menu to find the tide station you’re interested in. Some even require you to purchase a second app just for tides and currents. I much prefer the tides and currents to be calculated by the app with no internet connection required, it’s faster too. Most apps, but not all, allow you to slide the time scale to see tides and currents at any time and for any date. Apps with tides and currents without the internet and without buying another app are Garmin AC, AquaMap, Navionics, Navimatics, and SeaNav. has built-in web gauges, only a browser is required to view realtime vessel data and manage digital switching loads; In August, 2013, I installed a DMK 11A “multiplexor.” The inputs to the multiplexor are our collection of NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 data networks serving our onboard marine equipment (five NMEA0183 networks, one NMEA2000 network and one Raymarine SeaTalk network). The multiplexor re-formats the data into standard Ethernet data packets, and pumps the data out over wi-fi. The multiplexor’s wi-fi interface is linked to our onboard Cradlepoint router, to which the multiplexor is just another ordinary client device. Software apps that can interpret the data and run on any PC or tablet computer allow that computer to become a fully-portable wireless nav station. Popular Apps I like charts and icons that are easy to see and understand. To help in that respect, I have included links to some screenshots of Garmin Active Captain, Navionics SonarChart, AquaMap and SEAiq since they passed the bare-bones test. The screenshot is of the Charleston Harbor area and the area above Beaufort, NC, known as the “confusing area” where the route to Beaufort splits off the ICW. There are lots of buoys that don’t seem to be right at first glance. Judge for yourself how the charts look. For the best experience, be sure to enter full screen mode in your browser (usually by hitting F11) and click on "Slideshow Mode" in the upper right corner of the screen. It looks like this: warranty period

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Navigation Via PC or Tablet Computer
by Sakhalin (2) Mac Updated 2 years ago
Finally, none of the marine manufacturer’s do a good job of standing behind their obsolete equipment. I found a firmware design error in my Raymarine DS500x Fishfinder in the construction of the $SDDPT NMEA0183 sentence. I reported that to Raymarine via their user’s web support forum. After some back-and-forth based on the assumption that I had to be wrong (what could an end-user possibly know?) I was finally able to get grudging agreement from Raymarine that I had proved there was an bug in their device firmware. The conclusion: “Have a nice life, Jim! The box is out-of-production.” No matter that the problem was a Raymarine product defect. There was no way to upgrade the software in the field anyway, so therefore, apparently no need to fix it. So, I live with it to this day, and every day I reconcile to never again trust Raymarine as my preferred equipment vendor. That said, who knows if another vendor would actually be any better?
If neither of these options work, don’t panic! You’ve got a couple of options yet. You can access recovery without a partition using Network Recovery: hold Command+Shift+R while turning on your Mac and it will download the Recovery features for you. Failing that, you can create a bootable USB installer for macOS Sierra, and boot from that by holding “Option” while turning on your Mac.
At $14.99, this is a great value for a basic app. I like its many features, though the app is sluggish at times, and I often had to look up the button functions in the help manual.
Pictures 3-7. Built-in web gauges (IPhone screenshots)
Apple MacOS | SEAiq Pilot

{33632 KB} Download RVZRKM VER. 4.9.0 SEAIQ 4.6.1 New! version

{38578 KB} Software 0cN version 4.6.5 SEAiq 4.5.1 Updated on Sierra

{37589 KB} Software SEAiq 4.7.7 fcXmi 4.9.1 Recomended MacOS

{29345 KB} App BV1II SEAIQ VERSION 4.9.14 4.8.0 Featured 10.14.3

{28356 KB} Get SEAiq 4.7.2 w31Hh 4.8.1 Best Mojave

{33302 KB} Get v.4.9.11 SEAiq VhX 4.5.7 to 10.12.5

{32313 KB} App S30j v 4.7.3 SEAiq 4.9.0 on Mac Pro

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Version for OS X [26154 kbytes] 1.4.1

Updated on OS X RU5C1-Wiz-Solitaire-v.2.16.1.tar.gz [7065 kbytes] 2.16

El Captan [84224 kbytes] 62.0.3255.83

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