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Subliminal Message Pro vers 2.12.1

Subliminal Message Pro lets you explore the idea of subliminal messages. Messages up to 80 characters are flashed in the middle of your display, on top of everything. The SMP Control Panel lets you set the period between flashes, the font size and color, font darkness, choice of message selection (in list order or at random), possibility of reverse spelling, and automatic minimize of Control Panel upon launch. Shortcut Option-z lets the User Pause/Continue flashes. Five message categories with five messages each are provided to help you understand how the program works; you can replace these with your own categories and messages.
Categories and messages may include Latin, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Korean, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Russian, Afrikaans, Polish, etc., characters. Control Panel settings and location and Message Table information are saved between sessions.
SMP is $20 shareware. You can try SMP in demo mode for ten minutes per launch, after which time the application closes. Registration removes this limitation.

Updated on MacOS dau-Subliminal-Message-Pro-4.12.1.dmg [3326 KB]

Mac d2kJgW-Subliminal-Message-Pro-2.12.5.pkg [3177 KB]


Featured! version yAOa-vers-2.12.4-Subliminal-Message-Pro.dmg [3534 KB]

for High Sierra wthhr_3.12.1_subliminal_message_pro.dmg [2702 KB]

Best to High Sierra Subliminal-Message-Pro-vers-2.12.3-AyLf8u.dmg [2405 KB]

Custom Solutions Of Maryland

Version to El Captan 4ZUQ9.ITUBER.V.1.3.TAR.GZ {12115 kbytes} 2.2

Recomended! version v.6.2.3_ClassicWeather_mfM.dmg {13602 kbytes} 4.0

Featured MacOS {3523 kbytes} 3.2.3

Best! version NM9v-ver.-1.3-New-York-Subway.dmg {2954 kbytes} 1.4

Best MacOS v.1.41_ScreenRecycler_UPJ.pkg {870 kbytes} 1.40

(3445 kb) VERS 2.15.1 SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE PRO AY8XE 2.12.5 Best El Captan

(2702 kb) Get 2.15.1 Subliminal Message Pro gEv9r 3.12.1 Updated MacOS

(2613 kb) Download vers.4.12.1 Subliminal Message Pro qkD 2.15.1 on OS X

(3088 kb) App XU5UNO SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE PRO V.2.14.1 2.12.5 Recomended 10.13.5

(2791 kb) Free Subliminal Message Pro version 2.14.1 FBkmor 2.15.1 Updated on MacOS

(2673 kb) Get jDAv vers.2.13.1 Subliminal Message Pro 2.12.5 Recomended to iMac

(3148 kb) Software 2.12.2 Subliminal Message Pro uhzH 4.12.1 New 10.14.3

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