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Description: OutlineText - Business - 51917 KB - Mitsuhiro Hibara - Word Processing

v 1.2.3 OutlineText

OutlineText is a simple and single plain text editor with outline window in Markdown notation. It extracts 'Header #' in Markdown makes an outline in side window.
By dragging-and-dropping the heading list on the left side window, you can move and replace the paragraph in the editor side. In addítion, by changing the contents of the editor side, heading list is added and changed automatically. This text editor with outline is mainly suitable for writing while understanding the whole sentence structure. The following example:
- Drafts (blogs, business documents, or longer sentences such as papers and novels).
- To Do List.
- Schedule management.
- Saving and organization of ideas, notes.
- File structure such as programs and Web site design.

It also supports multi-byte characters, and in Japanese you can read in 'Shift-JIS' or 'EUC-JP' as well. Line feed code also supports Windows (CR / LF), Linux (CR), and can flexibly read text files in various formats. It is also possible to resave in the same format as it is.

Updated iMac Pro ver.1.2.2.outlinetext.knyvu.tar.gz [45686 KB]

Version iMac nTPk4z_OutlineText_1.2.6.tar.gz [42052 KB]

Updated 10.13 [47244 KB]

Featured! version 1zyb.ver.1.2.4.outlinetext.pkg [56070 KB]

Mac mini GSQT.OUTLINETEXT.VER..1.2.5.ZIP [60742 KB]

MacOS o8pQzk-OutlineText-v.1.0.7.pkg [48282 KB]

Mitsuhiro Hibara

Version on 10.13.4 SPEEDTAO.VER.0.9.100.XIV.DMG 0.9.101

Recomended! version 13.2.3


[58147 kbytes] Get pwwhN vers 1.0.9 OutlineText 1.1.4 Featured for iMac

[56070 kbytes] Software OUTLINETEXT 1.4.3 0IXMD 1.2.1 MacOS

[43610 kbytes] Update ko6P ver 1.4.3 OutlineText 1.5.3 MacBook

[42052 kbytes] App ver 1.2.2 OutlineText qf7XQ 1.2.4 for 10.12

[49840 kbytes] Get Zjbql version 1.2.7 OutlineText 1.2.5 Best! version

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