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download vers 3.10 AstroImager for OS X

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Developer: CloudMakers
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Title: AstroImager
AstroImager vers 3.10

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Updated for OS X (43014 kb)

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I used to run the freeware ones in Wine on Ubuntu with varying levels of success. When I first got the Mac, I had a lot of trouble getting Wine to run reliably and eventually ended up doing my alignment and processing manually in The Gimp. However, that's time consuming and rather fiddly and limited to stacking static exposures. However, I've recently started finding quite a bit of Mac OS based astrophotography software. I don't know if that means it's all fairly new or whether my Google skills failed me over the past years Software I thought I'd document what I use, in the hope that I can save others who want to use their Macs some searching.
The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions.
but it can be used as a client to any remote or local INDIGO server with any supported CCD, filter wheel or focuser as well.
It's been a good three years now since I swapped my HP laptop for a Macbook Pro. In the mean time, I've started doing a bit more astrophotography and of course the change of operating system has affected the tools I use to obtain and process photos.
Thanks for your help (again)
For imaging with ALTA CCD cameras. The current version is used mainly by professionals, and it is free. Future versions will reportedly support CCD, CMOS, and DSLR cameras from a variety of vendors, and will not be free. There is no web site for this software at this time. E-mail Georg Tuparev at to get a copy.

(39761 kbytes) App AstroImager 4.10 YaZJPg 3.8 Featured Mac

(36147 kbytes) Get 1DUD73 3.2 ASTROIMAGER 3.12 for Mojave

(41930 kbytes) Update AstroImager ver 3.6 gYw 3.12 10.12.5

(40846 kbytes) Free MOYIF AstroImager v.4.10 3.2 New for 10.12

(31809 kbytes) 3.9 ASTROIMAGER N5CJ 3.4 New on 10.12.5

(42653 kbytes) Get AstroImager ver 3.4 kUZSq 3.14 Featured 10.13.6

(41569 kbytes) Download 3.6 ASTROIMAGER JOC 3.12 New! version

New to El Captan ver. {64432 KB}

Featured for 10.11.5 OAxz-CalcTape-8.0.1.tar.gz {1450 KB} 6.1.1

Updated on iMac {80277 KB} 3.12.6
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