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▸ SEAiq VERSION 4.9.15

Depth Sharing! Depending on your security settings, you may need to allow SEAiq to run. Go to MacOS Settings / Security / General. Press the button to allow SEAiq to be installed. can be paired with our NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi Gateway to remotely connect NMEA 0183 devices to NMEA 2000; PCV Theory Test 2019 (UK) Chart Display: Like many other navigation apps, the PathAway Express app plots tracks, waypoints (with photos as well as descriptions) and routes. The distinguishing feature of the Fugawi PathAway Express Edition app, however, is that it allows users to create customized charts and multi-layered maps. One of the app’s newer features is a Weather Forecast map that can be layered onto other charts and displays conditions such as wind, precipitation and temperature. This feature does, however, come at an added fee. With PathAway, sailors can import maps from practically anywhere—whether from an online source like Google maps, or downloaded from PathAway maps or any other BSB/KAP navigational chart application. There are a few versions of the app. In PathAway GPS Professional Edition ($49.95), users can track other boats as well as display several tracks and routes simultaneously. The free version includes the basic tracking functions, but its charts are not full-screen due to advertisements. PathAway GPS Lite ($4.95) offers the same functions as the free version but is full-screen and does not include ads.


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$6.99 was
Apple’s iPad has been a disrupting force in marine navigation. iPad and mobile apps have steadily gained capabilities with some offering most of the same features as dedicated chartplotters. There are also apps produced by chartplotter manufacturers that are not designed as replacements, but rather are intended to assist in viewing or managing the chartplotter.
Cost: $49.99
Purchase from App Store
GPS sharing. You can access GPS information from another device. This is useful if you have a WiFi-only iPad without integrated GPS support. It can connect wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad with GPS.
SEAiq Pilot is designed especially for use by river, channel, and harbor pilots. It includes support for charts in the S-57, S-63, iENC, and BSB/KAP formats and use of external NMEA/AIS over WiFi.
Other features common to all our apps include:

[27037 KB] Download LAc SEAiq version 4.9.11 4.9.13 Updated on MacBook Air

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[28686 KB] QZOHIG 4.5.3 SEAIQ 4.9.17 to 10.12.6

[27697 KB] Free 4LqxXO SEAiq v.4.9.16 4.9.18 Featured MacOS

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Mac Pro BrImg-Bank2QBO-ver-3.9.143.dmg 3.7.6

Updated to Sierra MobiKin_Doctor_for_Android_vers_2.2.16_9dF.dmg 2.2.15

Best to 10.12.5 vers_1.10.867.48_Vivaldi_SCy.pkg 4.4.1488.40

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